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Solar Eclipse Over the Desert Large Cactus Bracelet

Solar Eclipse Over the Desert Large Cactus Bracelet

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Celebrate the culture and the once in a lifetime solar eclipse and be the proud owner of this intricate Native American wearable art piece. An ancient symbol of endurance and protection the cactus is a representation of power to see beyond the physical realm and trust that your journey is safe from harm.  Large in spiritual meaning and size, get the handmade statement piece only dreams are made of. 

This piece boasts B grade Citrine stones - a symbolic stone of abundance, joy, and manifestation and B+ grade Sunstones - a symbolic stone of light, warmth and light on the our planet.  This stone is associated with fire energy is has been said to help guide one on their path in life and work to increase self worth.

Handmade Bracelet Details:

  • Native American handmade, slight variations may occur
  • adjustable length allows one size to fit most wrists
  • width of beaded cuff measures 1" inches
  • high quality fine glass beads
  • Graded Sunstone and Citrine stones - hand drilled.
  • bolo style enclosure
  • genuine leather from naturally tanned hides, sourced in the USA.
  • durable thermally bonded string
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