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New Beginnings Moonstone Harmony Bracelet

New Beginnings Moonstone Harmony Bracelet

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Introducing 'Harmony', a bracelet that embodies the spiritual meaning of correspondence by showcasing the perfect harmony between the physical and spiritual worlds. This bracelet serves as a reminder of the balance and interconnectedness that exists in the universe and is the perfect accessory for those seeking to achieve harmony in their lives.  

This bracelet features Moonstone, a stone for New Beginnings. By helping one with the changing structure of life on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level it allows one to realize that a new beginning is actually the fruition of an end. 

  • traditionally hand-woven, slight variations may occur
  • Native American handmade
  • adjustable length allows one size to fit most wrists
  • width of beaded cuff measures just over 1/2" inch
  • high quality fine glass beads
  • genuine Moonstone
  • Sterling Silver plated beads
  • genuine leather from naturally tanned hides, sourced in the USA.
  • durable thermally bonded string
  • bolo style adjustable enclosure
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