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Hopi Dreams Aquamarine Forward Motion Bracelet

Hopi Dreams Aquamarine Forward Motion Bracelet

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Move forward with confidence and positivity with the Forward Motion bracelet. Its design represents the flow of forward movement, letting go of negativity from the past, and embracing a positive future. With each bead and color carefully chosen, this bracelet serves as a spiritual reminder to keep moving forward, even in challenging times, and to trust in the journey.

The collection features Aquamarine, a powerful healing crystal that enhances communication, intuition and mental clarity, while promoting peace and reducing stress. As a stone of courage, it clears the mind and opens communication with your higher self, allowing one to face challenges with clarity and preparation. This cleansing crystal washes away anything that separates you from your purest and highest self and was used in ancient times to protect against evil and bring good fortune. Aquamarine's soothing energy is perfect for meditation and healing the throat chakra.

  • traditionally hand-woven, slight variations may occur
  • Native American handmade bracelet
  • adjustable length allows one size to fit most wrists
  • width of beaded cuff measures 1/2" inch
  • high quality fine glass beads
  • genuine leather from naturally tanned hides, sourced in the USA.
  • durable thermally bonded string
  • genuine aquamarine stones
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